Maria Banyasz or Mashka is the Founder and Creative Director of Sparkle Events. She is an event design and marketing professional with European background and experience. Being a creative person, all of her life she was interested in design, art, cultures and style. In 2007 she graduated from Corvinus University of Budapest as a Master of International Studies. Now she is living and working in Toronto where she successefully graduated from Seneca College Event Management - Event and Exhibition Design program and accomplished a Wedding Planner course at Humber College.

In the past few years Maria has been managing a bridal salon where she has helped hundreds of brides to find their dream dress and accessories. Weddings became her passion and she decided to combine her event planning and design experience with fashion styling. That is how Sparkle Events came in to reality.

Maria always has colourful ideas, visions which are made to realized. With her international professional background she combines different cultural aspects to create spectacular and memorable events to her clients. She also helps them to find the perfect style from the outfit to the event theme and design itself.

Her motto is " There is no idea which cannot be brought to the life"! moreover     
 „ It’s time to Sparkle!” MB


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